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what is baja sae?

Baja SAE is an off-road racecar competition series organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Student teams from over 100 universities compete in multiple dynamic events, such as an endurance race, maneuverability course, sled pull, hill climb, and acceleration event. Teams are also judged for their work behind the scenes in design, sales, and cost

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Officially classified as a barrier-free organization by Northwestern University, we welcome everyone regardless of backgrounds, identities, and fields of studies. Stay in touch with us by email and following us on our social media!

our cars

Bucket 2023-24

Our newest car, Bucket, represented a significant improvement in reliability and packaging over the previous vehicle. Bucket was a strong competitor at Williamsport 2024. Bucket easily handled the tough obstacles it faced at competition with minimal issues. 

gnubs 2022-23

Gnubs, placed 8th out of 82 in the Endurance Event at the 2023 competition in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Named after a new feature in our frame that improves joint strength and saves weight, Gnubs is a robust design weighing in at 25lbs lighter than Toro. Our pride and joy this year was our custom-made differentials, which proved to be a huge success in the first SAE competition that required four-wheel drive.


As a sponsor, your efforts and contributions empower our team of students to develop their engineering, communication, and leadership skills in the real-world, fast- paced setting of competitive racing. Baja SAE is known for being an extremely rigorous program, and our members contribute incredible amounts of time and energy to rise to challenge. This dedication is reflected in every milestone achieved, each preparing our engineers for success at a company like yours.

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